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Background / Notes:

Deep Space Recordings is a progressive label based in the south West of England, run by Simon Huxtable (a.k.a Aural Imbalance) & Andy Pitman both of Deep Space Organisms (D.S.O). The emphasis is on deep music with no boundaries, offering a variety of different, thought provoking sounds with each track having its own combination of influences & styles. Deep Space Recordings aims to put more of this type of music out and make it more available to the masses! The label policy is that each track has a unique feel and captures a different vibe each time, the only thing that the listener can be sure of is that the tracks will be Deep!

  • [DSREC001] Deep Space Organisms - Bass Oxygen / Natural Orbiter
    • A: Bass Oxygen
    • B: Natural Orbiter
  • [DSREC002] Deep Space Organisms - Vaporised / Sun Breaks
    • A: Vaporised
    • B: Sun Breaks
  • [DSREC003] Various Artists - High And Still Rising / De-Tec Harmony
    • A: Aural Imbalance - High And Still Rising
    • B: Deep Space Organisms - De-Tec Harmony
  • [DSREC004] Deep Space Organisms - Inner Moment / Outer Moment
    • A: Inner Moment
    • B: Outer Moment
  • [DSREC005] Aural Imbalance - Aural Navigation
    • A: Part One
    • B: Part Two
  • [DSREC006] Monothy - Planet Sweeper EP
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