Artist: Nick Muir
Title: Airtight (Kassey Voorn Remixes)
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Julien Roby | 31 May 2012
  • Airtight (Kassey Voorn Remix)
  • Airtight (Kassey Voorn Epic Interpretation)

Nick Muir "Airtight (Kassey Voorn Remixes)"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

A few months back, australian label Vapour Recordings released their milestone 100th release, celebrating years of fantastic music. That anniversary release was packed with brand new remixes of previous releases from the label - so many great things it was hard to pick up a favorite.
Well, for the end of May, one of those remixes is coming under the spotlight as Vapour is releasing as a full single version Kassey Voorn Remix of Nick Muir "Airtight".

Kassey Voorn's remix, as heard on Vapour 100th release, is the trademark Voorn sound - forward thinking music at the crossroads of genres. Great groove, smart usage of melodic loops & sfx, techy beats. And to make sure this package stands out even more, Vapour delivers a second, yet unreleased, remix from Kassey of the track, the "Epic Interpretation". Epic indeed! Rolling beats, hypnotic loops & strings, it's like the "end of night version" of the original Kassey remix, built around a bassline that is going to get your hands up no matter what you do.

Really, a good think Kassey Voorn Remix is re released on its own, cause preventing the world from his Epic Interpretation would be a crime. In case you didnt figure it out yet, Kassey Voorn is one of the top talent around & we can't wait to hear more from him in 2012. As always with Vapour: Recommended.

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