Artist: Lank & Marco Grandi
Title: Along The Way
Label: Lowbit
By: Julien Roby | 24 March 2012
  • Along The Way (Original Mix)
  • Chaka Chaka (Original Mix)
  • Along The Way (Luke Porter Remix)
  • Chaka Chaka (David Granha Remix)
  • Chaka Chaka (Bastards Of Funk & Sonic Union Remix)

Lank & Marco Grandi "Along The Way"

Out Now on Lowbit

Lank has been creating quite a sensation over the past months. With a quite unique sound venturing into the techier & housier side of Progressive, Lank tracks always sound fresh & groovy. Here he teams up with Marco Grandi, so let's see what their latest offering on LowBit Records sounds like!

First track leading the release is "Along the way". The track starts on a nice kick coupled with some short looped vocal snippets, before the bouncy bassline comes into play. You're then treated with a relentless housy & funky sequence that is slowly morphing into more progressive goodness, as the track builds up and sneaks in pads & synths. It's only when the breakdown comes that you realize that the funkyness brought the spacy-ness into play extremely well. A very, very good track that proves once more that Lank is one of the current top producer when it comes to smart Progressive House.

"Chaka Chaka", second track of the release, starts on a heavier kick. One minute into the track & you're given a catchy and bumpy melodic line that soon develops over some eerie pads, but without being crushed under those - preserving the track melodic groove. Hypnotic until the end of the track.

In case these two great original tracks were not enough, LowBit delivers even more by putting together a huge remixes pack.

First, "Along the way" got remixed by Luke Porter. Porter turns the funky progressive of the Original into a big room rollercoaster. Huge bass, more melodic development, you're quickly getting totally hooked to the haunting vocal snippet & musical theme. Powerful & relentless club music done the proper way.

"Chaka Chaka" is remixed by LowBit head honcho "Sonic Union" along with partner in crime "Bastards of Funk". They deliver a very cool interpretation of the track, lead by a nice bassline & melodic loop combo. David Granha also delivers his own "Chaka Chaka" remix, going even more trancy, specifically on the guitar lead breakdown. The final of his remix is very huge & will send into space any Prog fans who like it euphoric.

LowBit has proven to be one of the top Proghouse labels around, with a very consistent line up of releases. Here again, they fail to disappoint with this excellent package. Lank & Marco Grandi did a wonderfull musical job here. The Original version of "Along the Way" is certainly my pick, just because that's exactly the Lank sound I love. But be sure the 5 tracks on the release are all equally good & each one will give something different for everybody to like. Recommended!

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