Artist: Ian O'Donovan
Title: Forever Untold
Label: Perspectives Digital
By: Dennis Van | 25 March 2012
  • 1. Original Mix
  • 2. Dub Mix
  • 3. Satoshi Fumi Remix
  • 4. Estroe Remix

Ian O'Donovan "Forever Untold"

Out Now on Perspectives Digital

Ian O’Donovan is definitely a rising star in terms of underground house; he has been releasing tracks on well-established labels such as Bedrock and Hype Muzic. There is no question about it, he is doing well for only being around the scene for about 3 years.

O’Donovan’s latest release Forever Untold has the relative elements you expect from his other tracks, a rich melody smoothly repeated in a patterned way with a trance style arpeggio. The original track starts as a definite dance floor track. During the first minute of the track, the supporting piano riff eases the listener to get into a trancey phase, while maintaining a 4x4 house beat. A little after the first half of the track, the beats are silent and you get into a much more rich melodic environment.

The Estroe remix continues the same melody and atmosphere in a much more groovy back beat. The Satoshi remix is a much more different take on the original track, as it has a much more classic progressive house build-up with shorter but rapid riffs and bass lines, and it allows potential for a much more deeper melody in the break. The claps build up a much more sustainable drop beat during the break and sets up quite nicely.

Overall the key is repetition in this release and well melody too. Let’s not forget how successful repetition can be in rich melodic house/techno with perfect harmony, Scuba had a great success in it in 2011. It’s no question that this is a top quality release and we can expect the artist Ian O’Donovan to progress much more in production and success in the next couple years. However, there is nothing that is special or breaking boundaries here and, everything is placed right where it should be that the whole track is almost too predictable with light peaks for the melody to go solo and non-attractive beats to drop. This track seems much more of a lower RPM dance floor pleaser than to a single listener

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