Artist: Deep Space Organisms
Title: Inner Moment / Outer Moment
Label: Deep Space Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 20 August 2002
  • A: Inner Moment
  • B: Outer Moment

Deep Space Organisms "Inner Moment / Outer Moment"

Out Now on Deep Space Recordings

For those of you who haven't heard about Deep Space Organisms, I think you're in for a treat. If you like dubby sounds, rich bass, and floating moving synths, then you'll love these guys. Hailing from the south west of England, and heading their label, Deep Space Recordings, Andy Pitman and Simon Huxtable, have carved a niche for themselves. On their fourth outing, which is only released on a limited run white label, they develop their sounds further, and carry on with their groovy and delicious sound.

Inner Moment starts off with a nice soothing layer of synth, and a high hat. A kick and low sub bass tones come into the mix, with an old school melodic chill out sound in the background. Tons of layers creep in, and all intertwine into a rich harmony. This song is super dubby and spacey, and gives off such a mellow listening vibe. A choice tune.

Starting out the flip side, Outer Moment has a nice breaky intro and works its way into a 4/4 beat. A slightly bouncier tune than Inner Moment, with more focus on the beats. There's a lot more drum sounds, with stabs and falling noises, which creates a chuggy, but still mellow vibe. Echos, and delays fill up the space, again with layers of sound. Lush melodies take it in a trancy direction, though it's older trance sound. Loads of cascading synths and sounds to pull it all together. There's many bassline changes, taking it in a new dub direction each time. A ton of movement, and amazing soundscapes.

I really recommend you trying to find anything by these guys. It may not be the most energetic music, but the lovely sounds, and super mellow vibe really makes their sound amazing. Another gem, which will be very hard to find.

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