Artist: Pablo
Title: Stratus / Turn The Page (Remixes)
Label: Soma Records
By: Brian Cody | 19 April 2012
  • 1. Stratus (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
  • 2. Turn The Page (Alex Under Remix)

Pablo "Stratus / Turn The Page (Remixes)"Pablo "Stratus / Turn The Page (Remixes)"

Out Now on Soma Records

Continuing the “Soma 20” connection it’s the return of Pablo’s - “Straus” and “Turn the page”. Originally heard on the album Turntable Technology in 2009 , here we see both getting the treatment from Andrew Weatherall and Alex Under .

First off it’s Andrew Weatherall’s remix of “Straus” and it was with great intrepidation that I sat down to listen and write this review , nervously excited of what to expect from this legendary producer and Dj.

Within an instant I found myself being transported back to my youth , a time of Happy Mondays and Primal Scream with Weatherall seriously setting the groove with what for me are instantly recognisable rhythms . Guitar hooks take over with a warpy sense of humour driven my deep bass twangs and hypnotic electro-y synthline which continues to push our mood ever closer to the darker side . The more I listened the more I found myself being drawn in to the sluggish , druggy atmosphere that just seems to take over your senses and remind you of the rich tapestry of Weatheralls’s past .

Alex Under takes his quirky approach to “Turn the page” , setting the flow with catchy house beats but it’s his use of the original samples and spoken word lyrics that makes the end result that little bit special . The groove is almost robotically entrancing throughout but you just can’t help smirking at it’s cartoonish feel which makes you feel like your on a never ending pogo stick ...

It’s another sterling release from Soma , Weatherall’s remix is by far the favorite and the one you’ll be making a space for in your music collection.

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