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Whoop! Records were founded way back in 1994 by dj's Joel Xavier & Andy Lekker as a creative output for their music. Drawing inspiration from the now defunct Om & Guerilla sound, Whoop! has expanded from the early seminal successesful releases from artists such as Dum Dum, Spanish Fly and Brutal Deluxe to the superb and ever increasing roster of original artists today such as Tarrentella, Redanka, Mike Monday, Guy Gerber and more. These Whoop! artists have been fundamental in shaping the recent, more eclectic, Progressive sound. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of styles, they have practically redefined this diverse but ultimately dance floor and D.J. friendly genre, and with today's cutting edge producers now regarding the term Progressive as a school of thought rather than a particular sound, this refusal to be pigeon-holed can only result in yet more invention and innovation on the scene.

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