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Background / Notes:

SOG: sohg, n: the German for vortex - " that inescapable and enticing magnetism" supplied the imagery, the name and the philosophy for the Z├╝rich based label founded in 1998. Now, several years on, with SOG's founder and front man TOBIAS WIRZ at the helm and the factory support of Andy Jarrod and 3 BEAT LABEL MANAGEMENT astern, the label has chiselled an identity as a rock steady label, promoting music on the melodic and vocal end of the Progressive House Spectrum. With Tobi using his own productions as GREED as it's feature artist, SOG quickly built a reputation for high consistency and quickly attracted talents such as Blackwatch, Mike Monday, Van Bellen, Sleepfreaks and Lemon 8 to remix its releases, leaving little surprise that the label continues its steady march forward.

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