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  • [] Lee Coombs - Lot49 Presents: Lee Coombs
    1. 1 Lee Coombs-Tech Intro-Lot49
    2. Lee Coombs & DJ Icey-Duo drive the ride-Zone
    3. Drama Society-Crying Hero-Turbo
    4. Dopamine-Come Closer-Title Fight
    5. Longrange-Vultures Over Croydon (Lee Coombs Remix) Longrange-feat Meat Katie and Elite Force feat Roland Clark The Answer (Accapella)-Lot49
    6. 30Hz-Daddio (Miles Dyson Remix)-Lot49
    7. Oliver Huntemann-Zum Goldenen Handschuh-Confused
    8. James Harcourt-Galia Melon ( Lee Coombs remix )-Spin Out
    9. Aaren San-Oslo Nights (Blende remix)-Lot49
    10. Elite Force-Engine-Lot49
    11. Alloy Mental-God Is Green (Meat Katie Remix)-Skint
    12. Lee Coombs and Nick Thayer-TFM-Lot49
    13. Dopadox-Ballistic-Mantra
    14. Guy Gerber-X Factor-SAW
    15. Black Mountain-No Hits (Unkle Remix)-Jagjaguwar
    16. Lee Coombs-Tech Outro-Lot49
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