Artist: Redanka
Title: Out Of The Dark
Label: Whoop Records
By: Simon Jones | 1 July 2002
  • A: Ghosts In The Mist Mix
  • B: Nightflight Mix

Redanka "Out Of The Dark"

Out Now on Whoop Records

Andy Holt is one very busy producer. Be it with Nigel Dawson as Osiris, Dave Gardner as Nerva or Chris Bourne as Tarrentella, not a month goes by when you don't hear of a track with this man's involvement, and for when he has time to himself, he has his Redanka guise for what he calls 'his project to try out things', and now he delivers his latest experiment in the form of Out Of The Dark.

The Ghosts In The Mist mix starts off with some soft percussion, with snare stabs rolling with precision in the background, before synth effects rattle off the bassline slickly and with well timed execution. The track then fades down into a subtle xylophone-esque break before the main break kicks in and the track continues on once more. An interesting diversion which comes when you least expect it, emerging 'out of the dark' if you will.

The Nightflight mix in contrast starts off with a much more driving pace, rolling synths drifting over the bassline as it squelches and twists slowly in the background, before atmospheric effects lift the track as the synth percussion really comes into its own. Each time you think the track has finished evolving it goes and does something else yet again. Top stuff.

With support already coming from the likes of Sander Kleinenberg and Dave Seaman, with Sander having featured it on his Essential Mix cd, the buzz on this one has already been mounting and now it's finally available, you better keep an eye out for the remix edition to come later in the year when Maurice will add another dimension to the track. Watch out for it.

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