Artist: Redanka
Title: Out Of The Dark (Remixes)
Label: Whoop Records
By: Simon Jones | 2 October 2002
  • A: Maurice Remix
  • B: Situation 2Wo Remix

Redanka "Out Of The Dark (Remixes)"

Out Now on Whoop Records

Out Of The Dark has been one of the most supported Whoop tracks of the year thus far, with DJs like Dave Seaman and Sander Kleinenberg featuring the track heavily in their sets during the early part of the year and the summer. Both mixes were also well received by the general public, but to really make sure the package has something for everyone, Whoop have put together this limited edition remix package, so let's find out what's on offer here.

Maurice presents the rework on the a-side. You may already know of him for the violin sampling anthem 'Feline' released many months ago or for his remix work with Simon Noble on tracks such as Canteen - Everyone Else or Dreamcatcher - Twisted. In addition to this Maurice is one of the resident DJs at the Union night held at the club Rehab in Leeds, UK. Maurice takes all his expertise, chopping up the main b-line and adding in a minimal breakbeat arrangement which just trickles along. As the break enters, we delve slighly into the darkness, reverb bouncing off the melody line with subtle precision. A superb rework of the track which should open it up to a wider variety of DJs.

Situation 2Wo strip the track right back, leaving only the main melody line. Around this a warm techy groove is etched with sublime arrangements giving the track a balearic edge that will hypnotise you. As the main riff kicks in you will be hooked by this lush ambient remix. Innovatively captivating.

With only just over 1000 copies of this remix vinyl being made available, make sure you snap one up if you see one as they will fly off the shelves. A great final chapter to the Out Of The Dark story.

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