Artist: Starkid
Title: Crayons
Label: Release Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 April 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Scribblin On The Walls Mix

Starkid "Crayons"

Out Now on Release Records

Adam Spears is in a way one of a 'new breed'. Not necessarily old enough to go to a club, but holds an ability to write music that works in a club, and in Adam's case it works it very well. As Starkid, the inspiration for 'Crayons' came at the tender age of 16. Now having developed his skills over the past two years, his vision is realised as the track is released. Having already been supported from an early stage by James Holden, John Digweed and Nick Warren (who even put the track on his Reykjavik Global Underground), it would seem that this youngster is already turning it. So much for needing to wish upon a star, eh?..

Simple in it's approach, yet elegant in it's opening, the 'Original Mix' of Crayons bursts into life with its rolling bass and soft percussion setting the pace for what is to come. As the main melody sifts through the beats, the emotion floods out, becoming more and more enchanting as atmospheric sounds burst though the surface, like geysers exploding, and as the sounds fall back down their run over the rapidly changing groove, as one key change after another introduces yet more melody with which to dazzle you. It may not be the most complex of tracks, but for a first ever production shows a fine ear for arrangement, and a promising future of development for Starkid.

The 'Scribblin On The Walls Mix' is almost like a revisitation to the past, being one of Starkid's latest works, having developed his production skills over the past months. Tribal style drums punctuate the vibrant groove, allowing the underlying bass to bubble gently as synths crash softly upon the beats, like waves hitting white sandy beaches on a hot summer's day. Indeed, this is the kind of memory thrown up by the downtempo melody that swirls out of the speakers as all the other sounds fade out, only to return with a deeper melody running through the centre of the track. The subtle ambience becomes more laid back as the mix draws to a close, having proven how much this up and coming young producer's skills have developed.

Having been one of the most anticipated releases on Release, it's not hard to see why. The remix alone is worth checking this out for, but with the original it makes this one of Release's finest signings to date, and I would recommend you at least give it a listen at the first opportunity you get.

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