Artist: Powerplant
Title: Overcast
Label: Release Records
By: Simon Jones | 28 July 2003
  • A: Jay Tripwire Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Powerplant "Overcast"

Out Now on Release Records

Powerplant, the Canadian duo of John Morgan and Kiki Stewardson first made an impact with the single 'Angel' on Teknology. This was quickly followed up with the huge 'With Or Without You', which was remixed in grand style by Blackwatch. Now they return with the first of two singles for Release Records, entitled 'Overcast'.

First up is 'Jay Tripwire', who adds his own unique sound to Overcast. The key ingredient here is the warbling b-line that shudders it's way through the heart of the mix as shaker percussion envelopes the resulting groove. Filtered vox and smooth effects add to the eerie vibe of the track as it progresses and the carefully timed production on the mix ensures the pace is kept rocking and like the name say, this kicks like a donkey..

John and Kiki take the 'Original Mix' down a deeper path, a chugging progressive groove, using atmospheric sweeps and effects to create a cool, moody soundscape that fits lovely into a warm up set, with more than a passing nod to some of the classics of the Northern Exposure era. The vox that shimmers in and out of the groove penetrates your mind subtly, drawing you in more and more as the track goes deeper and deeper, playing mind games with you. You have been warned.

Not quite up there with 'Angel' or 'With Or Without You' in terms of impact, but not a bad little single overall. Give it a listen and see what you think.

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