Artist: Medway
Title: Trauma
Label: Release Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 September 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Rob Curtis Mix

Medway "Trauma"

Out Now on Release Records

Jesse Skeens is one of Florida's hottest exports, responsible for such tracks as 'The Bassline Track' and 'My Release', with several EPs on Hooj Choons to his credit, as well as collaborations with Sean Cusick on Saw Recordings to his credit as well. Having been not released a solo project in sometime, he returns with 'Trauma' and to celebrate, Release Records run a remix contest which was open to the public, with the winners getting their remixes releases. The first of three accompanies the original here, so let's see what the return of Medway brings.

Medway leads the charge with his own 'Bassline Boost Mix' and it's not hard to recognise his trademark bass and percussion as they enter into the mix. Big floaty synth action ripples over an adicic bassline, with a carefully used vocal courtesy of rapper Ice-T keeping things interesting, bringing the main element of the track into play whilst underlying melodies emphasis the ballsy beat patterns in sublime fashion. Medway's engineering is always top notch, and his attention to detail here reflects that. One only wonders when we can expect more new material from this talented producer.

The flip side contains a remix from one of the remix contest's runners up, as 'Rob Curtis' adds his own interpretation to Trauma. Placing focus on the main melody of the track and building a groove with use of atmospheric fills, Rob attempts to add a driving progressive edge to the track, but when it boils down to it, it may go deep, but adds nothing new to the track as all the focus is on the effects and melody, rather than the key elements of the track itself. It's only saving grace is it's breakdown, but even then it becomes nothing more than a filler track. A real shame as it could have been so much more.

It's nice to see Medway back on the scene, and one can only hope that we see more of his work in the coming months. An innovative way to put together a single by commissioning in unknown or upcoming artists, but Rob Curtis is not quite there yet, but maybe will be someone to watch in the future. Time will tell.

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