Artist: Medway
Title: Trauma (Remixes)
Label: Release Records
By: Simon Jones | 24 November 2003
  • A: Inkfish Mix
  • B: Todd Sargent Mix

Medway "Trauma (Remixes)"

Out Now on Release Records

With the original 12" delivering Medway's first solo project in some time, this second disc of 'Trauma' features remixes comissioned via Release Records own remix contest, with overall contest winners Inkfish being joined by Vermont newcomer Todd Sargent to provide two dancefloor remixes that add much to the overall package as well as standing up individually in their own right.

The 'Inkfish' boys stretch the track out and slowly build things up, with a smooth rippling bassline navigating it's way through tight beats and lucious pads, compimented by some drifting synths that swell within the groove. As the main vocal is brought in, some big room breakbeats are slid in underneath, before the lush chords section returns for a stunning finale that will have trainspotters running to the booth to enquire.

'Todd Sargent' has his work cut out for him on the flip, but he manages to hold his own with a percussive led 4/4 version, big beats and an acid bassline creating an energetic vibe early on, subtly slinking it's way towards a big drop and into a twisted, hypnotic finale that will bring confusion and trauma to any sound system it is unleashed upon.

Two great mixes, that take the track right into the peaktime section of a dj box, and make the track much more accessible as a whole. It would seen that even though these remix contests are becoming a dime a dozen, that it doesn't really matter if quality mixes like these are the result.

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