Artist: Deepsky Feat Jes
Title: Ghost
Label: Release Records
By: Jason Calvert | 4 December 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Marc Mitchell Mix

Deepsky Feat Jes "Ghost"

Out Now on Release Records

The LA boys Deepsky make a return hot on the heels of their largely successful "Lost In The Moment" release on Proton Music. This time however they team up with vocalist Jes Brieden again, who's voice will be a familiar one to many, adding her touch to such tracks as D:Fuse's "Everything With You" and "Living The Dream", Deepsky's own "Talk Like A Stranger", and of course, Gabriel & Dresden's classic "As The Rush Comes". The result of this collaboration is "Ghost", a beautiful and highly emotive piece of work, and perhaps one of the more solid vocal tracks to see a release in 2005.

The Original Mix is a strikingly emotional affair, and a true example of how well a vocal can be integrated into a composition without it sounding as though it was an afterthought. The bassline finds itself early on, and the keying is such that is creates a blissful atmosphere. Brieden's vocal is the main focus of the track, being backed up by some swirling pads in the higher ranges. The track brings in a solid melody, which sits comfortably in the mid ranges and serves as a nice focus whilst our vocalist takes a break. Then, as I thought things were getting ready to wrap up, I was pleasantly surprised by the quiet backing guitar being brought to the forefront of the composition, which I felt put the icing on the cake and truly gave this track a very polished feel. I have to say, this surpassed my expectations.

Marc Mitchell is a familiar name on the circuit, and he provides a punchy interpretation of the Original here which is equally emotive but in different ways. Mitchell's musical ability shines in the added piano melody and string arrangements, and once again the vocal is worked into this perfectly, sounding as though it was meant to be there. Where the Original Mix would be more suited to home or portable music player listening, this remix would work well in a club environment, perhaps in the very early or very late stages of a set. Yet again this exceeded my expectations.

Be it progressive, trance, or any form of electronic for that matter that takes your fancy, it would be unwise to not check this release out. Overall in my opinion this is a more solid package for your money than the remix disc, but there is a stunning progressive banger of a mix from Freaky Chakra featured, so if this disc impresses you as much as it impressed me, then make sure to pick up the remix disc for some mixes which take quite a different direction to this disc!

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