Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: Audio Tour
Label: Fade Records
By: Chad Harnish | 3 June 2004
  1. Motive - Abe
  2. Descent - Tempura
  3. Luigi - Creation
  4. Woven - Solder Me
  5. The Alley Qats - Talk To Me Goose
  6. Chris Micali - L'Evasion
  7. Scott Mcfayden - G in Your Glow
  8. Steve Porter & Chris Reavey - Oyster Crackers
  9. D-Shake - Yaaaah!
  10. Chris Fortier - Whateveritis
  11. Fade - So Good
  12. Fade - Seperation

Chris Fortier "Audio Tour"Chris Fortier "Audio Tour"

Out Now on Fade Records

I had the pleasure of seeing Fortier play about five years ago in Pittsburg Pennsylvania where he dropped the Brothers in Rhythm remix of Alanis Morisette’s “So Pure.” That was the one track that stuck with me that night, but needless to say, Chris’ set was amazing. Since then, I have been following his productions as well as his notorious record label, Fade Records. “Audio Tour” is Chris’ next mix cd in his career following his amazing set for Bedrock Records “Compiled and Mixed” and his timeless breaks mix “Atmospherics Volume 1” on Streetbeat Records.

In addition to pushing Fortier’s career, “Audio Tour” advances the cause of Fade Records. It is a collection of Fade tracks, both classics and future classics. As such, it is a great introduction for the ill informed to such a great label.

Chris starts up things with Motive’s “A.B.E.” It has an excellent introduction presence and its sound reminds me of the early sound of Florida. Upon hearing it for the first time, I immediately had to look up Fade’s Discography to see just where this track fits in on the release timeline. It’s a bit deceptive because it has all the funky freshness of past, but also has an infusion of future techniques. It turns out it is yet to be released, so watch for this monster to hit floors near you featuring the sexy vocals by Abagale Fischer.

Out of “A.B.E” and into “Tempura,” “Audio Tour” seamlessly journeys into Descent’s breakbeat beauty. With it, Fortier has taken us from funky to emotional in a move that was a pinch too harsh. I love both tracks, but I debate their compatibility.

Chris introduces Luigi’s “Creation” much before the end of “Tempura.” For many minutes he rides one track atop another taunting “Tempura’s” breaks with straight beats. These tracks appear to be made for each other and with Chris’ hand, they now will be together forever. “Creation is a track from the past coming originally as Fade’s 18th release. It’s a somber tribal number that progresses “Audio Tour” into a darker, more reflective zone.

Coming out of “Creation,” Fortier displays perfection in his mixing talents and delivers one of the best tracks on this compilation. Woven’s “Solder Me” is a powerful, emotive track and is expertly placed following “Creation.” It is one of Fade’s more recent releases and on the twelve you are treated to a remix by the talented Ben Camp.

Next up, Peter Martin and Derek Howell as the Alley Qats get mixed in with their dirty groover “Talk to Me Goose”. It is a hard hitting track floated by an air of mystery and features a breakdown that will undoubtedly blow up on the dance floor. Although a bit lengthy, it’s one of the most enchanting breakdowns I have heard in a while. Watch out for this duo. “Talk to Me Goose” is getting a special “Audio Tour” 12” release on Fade Records and will feature an exclusive version of Motive’s “A.B.E.” on the flip side.

Continuing the journey into darkness, Fortier brings in Chris Micali’s haunting “L'Evasion.” It is quite simply, beautifully subtle and brings “Audio Tour” down in intensity from “Talk to Me Goose.” As I said in my review of this track, waves of subtle power roll in over the steady beat building the track in your sub consciousness.”

Jumping over the half way mark, “G in Your Glow” by Scott Mcfayden eases its way into the mix. The beautiful essence in this track sneaks right up on you. It’s a pinch of driving rhythm and a pinch of torn soul. It’s a really great track and due out on Fade Records soon.

Fortier seamlessly transitions into the huge “Oyster Crackers” by the dynamic duo Steve Porter and Chris Reavey. To best describe this track, I must borrow a quote from Chloe’s review of this track. Chloe says “Acoustic sounds, hi hats and quirky effects fill out the devastating rough groove that balances on the divide between progressive and techno.” Yep, that about sums it up.

D-Shake slides in next with “Yaaaah!” Already a classic track from Go Bang! Records, Chris’ inclusion of the track here on Audio Tour is sure to renew interest in this massive track. Here on this mix, Fortier treats us to a remix by Steve Porter and himself. It is getting a full release with both versions very soon on Fade Records.

With space for three tracks left on the compilation, Chris digs into his own productions to finish off the set. First up is the uplifting, piano sprinkled “Whateveritis” which came in as the 34th release for Fade Records. After the continuous build up from the previous two tracks, “Whateveritis” delivers the needed hands in the air, peak time release.

Jumping way back in history to Fade Records 003, Fortier mixes in Fade’s “So Good”. Fade as you may already know is Chris and Neil Kolo. Together they have knocked out some amazing tracks and remixes including this one which IS so good. Showing only hints of age, this Fade Records, Fade classic is sure to inspire all.

Concluding the mix, Chris digs one release deeper with Fade Records 002. Fade’s “Seperation” is a great closer. This one really brings me back to the early days when music was thick with pure emotion and energy. This track is sure to stick with you.

In closing this review, I want you to walk away knowing this. Chris’ mixing talents that are showcased here are top notch and his programming is exceptional. While not grabbing too much history from the Fade Records catalogue, Chris is showcasing a lot of recent yet to be released tracks. This one is a must for all collections.

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