Artist: Steve Porter & Chris Reavey
Title: Oyster Crackers / Alphabeat Soup
Label: Fade Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 February 2004
  • A: Oyster Crackers
  • B: Alphabeat Soup

Steve Porter & Chris Reavey "Oyster Crackers / Alphabeat Soup"

Out Now on Fade Records

Having first met in Amherst, MA, Steve Porter and Chris Reavey have been friends for many years, with the same love for techno and electronic music that brought them together remaining a common bond throughout the years, even though both parties have strayed apart and met again in various cities across the United States. Steve's foray into production needs no documentation, so when Chris caught the bug and started laying down some grooves and beats in his home studio it was only a matter of time before the duo's partnership as DJs soon flowed over into the studio, and these two tracks are the first fruits of their work.

'Oyster Crackers' sways to a more intense sound that you would normally associate with projects involving Steve Porter, but as the heavy drums and driving bassline set into motion things soon find a niche that will satisfy. Acoustic sounds, hi hats and quirky effects fill out the devastating rough groove that balances on the divide between progressive and techno. Big sounds and constant changes in direction are rife here, but just watch this dent more than just the speakers when it unfolds.

'Alphabeat Soup' sticks to a similar template but with more emphasis on the drums and deep groove technology. A subtle flowing bassline cuts across the centre, as track bounces along added by warm sounds and fills. Totally sublime, and perfect for a warm up set.

Something different from the Fade camp, as their favourite son Mr Porter and his pal Mr Reavey show they have some interesting ideas to offer, more of which we will get the chance to sample in the months to come.

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