1. Group Therapy - Thumbsucker
  2. Paul Jackson - Souls
  3. Attic Feat Julie Thompson - Last Goodbye (Lexicon Avenue Instrumental Mix)
  4. Bedrock - Santiago (Group Therapy Mix)
  5. Sean Quinn & Andy Page - SQAP (Habersham 'Fear Monster 3000' Mix)
  6. Killahurtz Vs Rekelektrik - Don't Walk Away (Vocal Mix)
  7. Dave Seaman Presents Group Therapy - Faith Again (Osamu M Mix)
  8. Oliver Moldan Presents Prawler - Phatter Laces
  9. Nick & John Dalagelis - R2 Units Gone Wild

Audio Therapy Present Spring / Summer 2006 Album Sampler

Label: Audio Therapy| Release Date: 4/17/2006

After the huge success of ‘Across Borders – Greece’ and the more recent ‘This Is Audio Therapy’, Audio Therapy are to return with an unmixed compilation full of exclusive remixes and tracks, the ‘Audio Therapy Spring / Summer 2006 Edition'. Featuring exclusive tracks and remixes from Group Therapy, Bedrock, Lexicon Avenue, Andy Page and many more, the album continues the label's idea of providing unmixed and exclusive material to music lovers and DJs alike, and showcases versions of upcoming releases that will only be contained on this album.

After the huge success of 'Across Borders - Greece' and the more recent 'This Is Audio Therapy', Audio Therapy are to return with an unmixed compilation full of exclusive remixes and tracks, the 'Audio Therapy Spring / Summer 2006 Edition'.

The compilation features some of the hottest names on the scene at the moment, with guaranteed high quality productions, and a tracklist that is second to none. All tracks and remixes are exclusive and have been specially commissioned for the album, making it a must have for any fan.

"What started off as a sampler idea to promote in Miami has now turned into a fully fledged album full of exclusives. We have got to say a huge thank you to everyone involved who has contributed to the CD to make it so special. I am really proud of it and every track is a real cracker and once again shows our diversity on both our Audio Therapy and Therapy Music labels." - Dave Seaman

With over 76 minutes of music, and all the tracks and remixes featured completely unmixed, it is perfect for home listening as well as DJs who play from CDs. Adding huge value to the album is the fact that, with the exception of the Bedrock track, all versions of the tracks featured have been created especially for the album and will never see the light of day on vinyl.

"It will be very interesting to see how well this does for us. The reactions to the Across Borders CD, which again was unmixed were excellent so we know there is a demand for this format from fans of the label. At the moment we seem to be the only label doing this and I think the strength of the tracklist shows just how much faith ourselves and the artists involved have in the project. Roll on the next one!!." - Scott Dawson (Label Manager)


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