1. Midas
  2. Echoes
  3. Revolution
  4. Kaliedoscope
  5. Escape From
  6. Disco Trafiko
  7. Our Time In The Future
  8. Relax
  9. Into The Wind
  10. Perfume Suite
  11. You Me
  12. Your Light
  13. Surrender

Trafik - Bullet

Label: GU Music| Release Date: 10/11/2004

From Newcastle in England come Trafik. The duo of Andrew Archer and John Elliott have already given us two great singles in the shape of 'Your Light' and 'Echoes' and are now set to follow this with the release of their debut album 'Bullet'. This eagerly anticipated album is the second artist album to be released on the new GU Music label and we have all the details for you right here in this exclusive feature.

Formed in 1999, Trafik are the duo of Andrew Archer and John Elliott from Newcastle, England. 'Bullet' is the culmination of several years of chance happenings, hard graft, with the obligatory trials and tribulations along the way, and is their debut artist album, the second to appear on the new Global Underground label GU Music.

Back in the day, Andrew was part of Global Underground's in house uber production ouftit The Forth alongside company founder James Todd and fellow colleague Scott Dawson. As in demand remixers, they did work for high profie labels such as Polydor and Positiva, in addition to well known artists such as BT, who's tracks 'Loving Your More' and 'Calling Your Name' under the guise of Libra were both reworked to critical acclaim, and making the trio favourites of none other than Sasha & John Digweed. This was followed by their debut EP 'Reality Detached'. In addition to the title track, the EP also featured the destructive club track 'Solavox' featuring vocals from a singer and songwriter named John Elliott.

Having left school at the age of 16 to become part of the British indie band of the same name, John found himself on the books of one of the UK's biggest major labels Polygram. Sadly, as is often the case, Solavox found themselves left in the cold, and John ended up back in his hometown of Newcastle. What the experience did give him however, was an understanding of live music, perfomance and instrumentation, skills that he could add to his singing ability and use as the opportunity arose.

He ended up working at the offices and Global Underground where him and Andrew first began to forge a new creative musical alliance that would develop into the Trafik project. As John's love for electronic music grew, working as a vocalist for legendary dance act Tilt, and with friend and co-worker John Paul Denton under the pseudonyms of Avatar and Spector, he soon started to develop and hone all the important production skills essential to become part of Trafik with Andrew.

The result is 'Bullet'. Beginning in a wash of Eno cinematic atmosphere, the album kicks of into the hazy neo-rock and roll world of new single 'Echoes', then travels through the seedy club musings of 'Disco Trafiko', finishing in the orchestral tinged masterpiece that is 'Surrender'. Along the way there are guest appearances in the form of the lead singer of post-rock menace, Peace Burial at Sea, namely Jonny "Riggers" Longrigg who's angst ridden vocals and demonic guitar playing can be heard on 'Escape From', and the soulful, folk-tinged vocal appearances of Rachel Lamb on the anti-war mantra 'Into the Wind' and shuddering, whispering messages on the album finale 'Surrender'. Whether it's frantic or subtle, simple or complex, 'Bullet' maintains the Trafik ethos of size, clarity and power

What now for Trafik, well in simplicity, to carry on with the creation, promising to carry on with the exploration into the true depths of electronica, choosing to fuse and era and any style of music. The looming second album, which will undoubtedly spur them into the arena of live performance and continuing to develop their newly built recording complex Loft Studios. Then on and on they go, and whatever happens they will never be too far away. Trafik rarely are.


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