1. Aphasia - Say Hello
  2. Rabbit In The Moon - Timebomb (Original Mix)
  3. Sycophant Slags - Dharma Fields
  4. Reverse Commuter Feat Terryn Westbrook - New York To Me
  5. Bob Skies - Proletariat
  6. Reverse Commuter - Southern Charge
  7. Terry Francis & Ricardo - Change
  8. Little Mike - Back To Gravity
  9. Sean Q6 - Out In The Shed
  10. Sensitize - History Is Not Shrinking (Mount Sims Rework)
  11. Q-Burns Abstract Message Feat Lisa Shaw - This Time (Grumptronix Vs QBAM S25 Vocal Mix)
  12. Grumptronix - Lovefix

Three - Hallucienda

Label: System Recordings| Release Date: 9/20/2005

'Hallucienda' is the the new mix CD from noted New York-based producer and DJ, Three, and is the culmination of both the last three years work into the Hallucination Limited record label and the last 11 years of being involved with Hallucination Records.

The album is Hallucination's first 'official' mix cd and captures the genre bending diversity of both Three's sets and the output of his 'Limited' label, featuring some exclusive and unreleased tracks from the label. Our news feature gives you the full tracklist, and comments from Three on this upcoming compilation.

'Hallucienda' is the the new mix CD from noted New York-based DJ/producer Three of the critically acclaimed Second-Hand Satellites (with Sean Q6) & remix project Three A.M. (with Rabbit in the Moon's David Christophere), and is the culmination of both the last three years work into the Hallucination Limited record label and the last 11 years of being involved with Hallucination Records (who's roster included Rabbit In The Moon and electro giants Jackal & Hyde).

'Hallucienda' is Three and Hallucination's long-awaited, first 'official' DJ-mixed CD and captures the genre-bending diversity of both Three's DJ sets and the output on his Hallucination Limited label. It features rare exclusives and unreleased tracks expertly mixed by Three himself using Pioneer's DVJ-X1's, Allen & Heath’s Xone:92 mixer, Red Zone's C-Loops sampler and outboard effects.

"First and foremost this CD is about the label, but I wanted to present it as a live DJ mix that felt like a night out, with some never heard exclusives and mixed with a bit of on-the-fly editing and looping and some live FX in contrast to label compilations which are often more of a 'home listening' retrospective of a label's past releases." - Three

'Hallucienda' includes Enhanced CD access to a second downloadable bonus mix of Limited and Hallucination Recordings catalog releases, also mixed by Three. Armed with a sound that borrows equally from vintage acid house, soulful techno and electronic dub, Hallucination Limited has fast become a celebrated underground label in the world of electronic music garnering praise over its first 10 vinyl-only releases from DJs as diverse as LTJ Bukem, Charles Webster, and Lee Burridge.

"All at once I'm trying to expose new artists & forthcoming music as well as showcase more established names already associated with Hallucination Limited. I also made a conscious effort for the tracklisting to reflect the overall eclecticism of the label's big brother - Hallucination Recordings – having just celebrated its 10th year." - Three on the track selection of 'Hallucienda'

Over the mix you'll hear sounds ranging from house & techno to electro and some tracks that Three hopes will defy any single type of category. The album recognizes Three and the label's longstanding relationship with Rabbit In The Moon with the inclusion of 'Timebomb', a quintessential R.I.T.M. track. Other stellar tracks from Sycophant Slags (the inimitable Mr C & Francis Harris), Terry Francis, Q-Burns Abstract Message featuring Lisa Shaw, Denver's rising star Little Mike, Hallucination's unsung hero Grumptronix and the twisted machine-funk of Reverse Commuter (a.k.a. [a]pendics.shuffle, dubLoner) make this package a music lover's delight.

Three's history precedes him, drawing accolades for his remix work from peers and contemporaries as varied as Laurent Garnier, Doc Martin, Sasha, and Tyrant for seminal remixes of R.I.T.M.'s - 'Out of Body Experience' (Burning Spear Mix), 'FloorI.D.A.' (A Dub for Strangeways) & U.N.K.L.E. feat. Ian Brown's - 'Reign' (Black Swan Vocal Mix) and the original underground staple Second-Hand Satellites - Multiple Mirrors 1&2. He's held residencies at Florida's legendary Simon's and NYC's TWILO and has played lauded guest spots with San Francisco's Wicked Crew and the UK's Fabric. The annual Hallucination Limited event at Miami's Winter Music Conference and his long-running Snatch residency in Tampa, Florida are favorites of DJs and clubbers alike. Now Three embarks on a new chapter in 2005 that stands to be a pivotal year for this influential American DJ.


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