1. Trafik – Elegant Suite Parts 1 & 2
  2. Derek Howell – Frijoles Frescos
  3. SJ Eseau – Fat Cat (Way Out West Mix) (EC Reprise)
  4. Stux – The Feeling
  5. Trafik – Shades
    Spanna – Space Cadet
  6. Andrew K – I See You've Found It
  7. Kevin Swain – Dark Two
  8. DJ MC D – I Know
  9. The Forth – Dream
  10. Adam Johnson – Hall Of Kings
  11. Pako & Frederik - Organism
  12. Kevin Swain – Globe Am
  13. K Roxx – Live For Never
    Stux – The Beats
  14. Kevin Swain – Never Be The Same
  15. Dark Globe – Far Leys (Attic Window Mix)
  16. Twisted Air - Mercury

The Forth - Global Underground: Electric Calm V.3

Label: Global Underground| Release Date: 2/6/2006

In February 2006, Global Underground return with the third installment of their much loved and revered 'Electric Calm' series. Featuring a wider range of artists than it's previous volumes, the album features many exclusive tracks from names such as Derek Howell, Trafik, Pako & Frederik and many more and promises to be the most complete chapter in the series yet. 'Electric Calm 3' kicks off 2006 for Global Underground, with artist albums from Lo-Step and The Remote to follow later in the year, and no doubt there'll be plenty more to follow.

Electric Calm V.1
…the first truly miraculous chill-out compilation. [Jive Magazine (USA)]

Electric Calm V.2

…whatever your need, wherever you are, this is for you. [progressive-sounds.com]

Global Underground presents the third instalment of their much loved and revered Electric Calm series. The success of the previous two releases was most highlighted by the vast amounts of praise received from both press and fans, including the exulted tag of "greatest chill out album ever" from Jive magazine. Now, with the dawning of version 3, we're sure this neo-ambient series is set, yet again to conjure up brand new superlatives needed to describe this most recent batch of audio tranquillity.

Each track included is exclusive to this album and has been written or remixed specifically for this release. The resulting effect is an album that, as always, flows seamlessly and beautifully, endlessly ebbing with mellow ambient tones.

"The amount of work we put in to writing original material for this project has been matched by the other artists this time - it's a pool of producers providing pieces with a level of maleability, mix wise, that we've yet to experience in the twelve comps we've put together; and I tell you what, we enjoyed it!" - John Elliott

This time round, The Forth have also had a larger pool of artists to dip their musical mixing fingers into; with artists including Dark Globe, Kevin Swain, Derek Howell, Trafik and a reworking of a Way Out West remix providing the musical paint palette from which this picture of calm emerges.

So, in summary, we think the album is more exclusive, more flawlessly mixed and featuring more quality artists than either of V3's younger siblings; a concept sure to interest and excite many fans of the hypnotic calm sound.


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