1. Subject Invisible
  2. No One Left To Follow
  3. Weekday Mourning
  4. Looking North
  5. Ghost Song
  6. We Medicate
  7. Reluctant Traveller
  8. Azure
  9. Staccato Rave
  10. We're Not Here
  11. Memoir

Slam - Human Response

Label: Soma Records| Release Date: 6/25/2007

With 'Azure' blowing up dancefloors across the globe, and new single 'No One Left To Follow' set to do the same, Slam are set to return with their fourth artist album 'Human Response'. Featuring collaborations with My Robot Friend and Dot Allison, the duo of Stuart McMillian and Orde Meikle return to the roots that made their earliest work so successful with an album of deep electronic sounds and techno that Slam fans have been anticipating for many months.

Following on from the well received single 'Azure' from earlier this year, Slam are set to return with their fourth studio album 'Human Response'.

Not content to stand still, this album sees Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle pick up the techno baton, twisting the genre even further still, to create a forward-thinking new sound all of their own. These are artists at their creative peak. In this technological age Slam utilise the human touch to inject a myriad of emotions into their electronic machine music. The end result is much more than a collection of tracks. 'Human Response' flows and grows and, in an era of single track downloads, Slam provide an album that can be listened to from start to finish.

'Human Response' is a "back to basics" long player, returning to the deep electronic sounds and techno their earliest albums championed.

In addition to lead single 'Azure' and the new second AA single, featuring the My Robot Friend collaboration 'No One Left To Follow' and the tripped out sounds of 'We're Not Here', the album also features a new version of 'Looking North', an album teaser first released on Soma's 200th release, and a new track with long time Slam collaborator Dot Allison, to name but a few.

Slam respond to what they see around them, releasing an album brimming with emotion and honesty, uplifting and beautiful electronic music, with that moody Slam undercurrent. The end result is a soundtrack for now and for the future.


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