1. Quivver - Intro
  2. Maurice Bakes - Dub Electric
  3. Crazy Penis - Cruising (Nu-Frequency Edit)
  4. Habersham & Kazell Present Paradise Rockers - One Thing (Quivver Mix)
  5. Quivver - Not Givin Up (Quivver 'Dried Out' Mix)
  6. Quivver - Not Givin Up (Quivver Dirty Dub)
  7. Dylan Rhymes & Ricky Stone - Shanghai Taxi (Deepgroove Mix)
  8. Beckers - Colour Me Blind (Phatjak Mix)
  9. Trent Cantrelle & Freddy Be - You Don't Have To Cry
  10. Jaytech - Genesis
  11. Audio Magnetics Vs Quivver - Digital Music (Hamel Mix)
  12. PMT - Necromancer

Quivver - Controlled Substance

Label: Boz Boz Recordings| Release Date: 8/7/2006

The past two years have been a prolific time in John Graham's career. In 2005 he featured prominently on Planet Funk's second album 'The Illogical Consequence', and also toured live with the band, including a gig at the landmark Live 8 event that took place in Rome.

So far this year, hes co-wrote and collaborated with Hybrid on two tracks for their upcoming 3rd album 'I Choose Noise, collaborated with the Audio Magnetics (Bill Hamel & Barry Jamieson) on a track, in addition to working on his long anticipated artist album and several remixes. However, whilst all that is to come, in the meantime there's his new mix compilation 'Controlled Substance' to look forward to.

Over the last 15 years John ‘Quivver’ Graham has firmly established himself as one of the dance scene’s most pioneering & respected producers. Having been signed by Paul Oakenfold to his ‘Perfecto’ label, then onto major Dance label A & R records and finally Virgin Records, John has attracted the attention of some of the world’s biggest labels.

His first mix compilation ‘Transport 5 was released to much critical acclaim on American label Kinetic records in 2001, John spent the newt few years constantly touring and building up his DJ profile, and also launched his own Boz Boz label. In 2004 John was scouted by Italian dance mega band Planet Funk, as they were looking for an English singer songwriter to work on their second album ‘The Illogical Consequence’. After initially recruiting John to write two tracks, they eventually wrote seven tracks together for the album. John toured with the band in 2005 and performed at several MTV shows and also Live 8 in Rome in front of 300,000 people following on after Duran Duran!

Now in 2006, John has firmly established his own Boz Boz imprint under the wing of Critical Rhythm Label Management, co-wrote and co-produced the tracks ‘Until Tomorrow’ and ‘Choke’ for Hybrid’s forthcoming 3rd LP ‘I Choose Noise’, has collaborated with the Audio Magnetics (Bill Hamel & Barry Jamieson) on a new track, and has been working on several new productions, remixes, and is currently working on his long anticipated artist album. Thus it is the right time once again for him to release another of his DJ mix outings.

"Its been five years since my first official mix CD ‘Transport 5' was released so I thought it was about time I put something new together!. I originally intended to release a mix about a year ago but got sidetracked, mainly due to touring with Planet Funk all last summer. Finally I got chance to start hassling people for tunes and now I'm so glad I waited. I definitely picked a good time to compile the music for this album, as there was so much good stuff to choose from and I have also been busy in the studio myself recently so there are a few new unreleased tracks of my own here too. I've tried to condense what i play in a three hour set into one CD, and at the same time hopefully made a mix that is not just a straight up club set but something people can listen to at home, in the car, or wherever!" - John Graham


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