1. Window
  2. Truckin
  3. Goin' Off Tonight
  4. Momentum
  5. Just Listen
  6. Danger And Delight Grow From The Same Vine
  7. Dreamy Days
  8. It's About Time
  9. It's Your Sound
  10. You Say Stuff
  11. X500

Momu - Momentum

Label: Looq Records| Release Date: 11/11/2008

Mark Musselman and JD 'Jondi' Moyer are set to return with their sophomore album as Momu entitled 'Momentum' on Looq Records. Following on from 2006's self titled debut, the new album features the new single 'Window' (featuring the vocals of Alysoun Quinby, who was the vocalist on the highly successful Momu track 'The Dive). and showcasing a more organic electronic sound that sees the duo expand way beyond the boundaries of their previous album, with use of live instrumentation and experimental and mathematical inspired themes, with the album due for release in November.

Beautiful melodies, stabbing basslines, funky weirdness, slick production and gorgeous female vocals highlights Momentum; the newest release from San Franciscos own legends of west coast/progressive breaks, Momu. This tag-team is comprised of JD Moyer (AKA Jondi from Jondi & Spesh) and Friscos first-ever progressive breaks DJ, Mark Musselman.

After joining forces in 2001, Momus debut EP "This Is Momu" and subsequent tracks "Sunsicle" (Bedrock Breaks), "Bring It On Back" (Spundae Records) and "The Dive" (championed by Nick Warren his Global Underground Reykjavik CD) helped define an emerging genre that eventually became known as progressive breaks. 2006's self-titled debut artist album received critical acclaim internationally while also making Momu's music essential in the crates (CD wallets) of names including John Digweed, Sasha, Annie Nightingale, James Zabiela, DJ Hyper, Adam Freeland, Ashley Casselle, Lee Burridge, Cass, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ19, Pako & Frederik, and Hybrid. The album did exceptionally well commercially too, scoring licensing deals for the US's most popular TV show "CSI" and the world's biggest video game at the time "Dance Dance Revolution."

Unfettered by anything except the breakbeat form itself, Momu has always fearlessly experimented, often dangerously veering either in front of or off to the side of mainstream styles. Momentum is no exception, flirting with a pop format in tracks like "Window" and "Truckin" but also including math-nerd experimentation with the fibonacci sequence (both rhythmically and tonally) in "Just Listen" and layered minimalistic ultra-high frequency melodic lines in "X500. Momentum also features Momu's favorite vocalist Alysoun Quinby (featured on Momu's hit "The Dive") on many tracks (and on the album cover). Bassist J-Bone complements the electronic dimension with live instrumentation and tight funk lines on several tracks.

Momu may have broken the "progressive-breaks" mold it helped create - Momentum is much more playful and uplifting than the genre may allow - but Momu's signature sonic eccentricity, insanely high production values, and larger than life hooks are still front and center.

Both Jondi and Mark are residents at San Francisco's favorite mid-weekly, Qol, where fans can hear them regularly testing out new and unusual breakbeat frequencies.

Momu Momentum is released in North America on November 11. Momu "Window" single with remixes from PQM, Jason Knight, and Jondi & Spesh released October 6


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