1. EC1M - EC1M
  2. Joakim - Come Into My Kitchen
  3. Alex Smoke - Dont See The Point
  4. Bill Payer & Fat Hippy - Soul Trader (Bill Payer 3am Dub)
  5. St Plomb - Bat In My Shoe
  6. Paolo Mojo - Crack House
  7. Fries & Bridges - Pop Locking
  8. Joe Montana - Boys (Heretic Mix)
  9. Begginerz - Rhythm Foundation (Buick Project Mix)
  10. The Glass - Dont Bother Me (20/20 Vision Mix)
  11. DJ Ali - Change
  12. Voltique - Smell Of Sweat
  13. Cass & Slide - The Bunny
  14. Induceve - Ooo Yessir
  15. Lee Burridge & Andy Page - Why Are The Pretty Ones Always Insane?
  16. Groovy - Groovy
  17. Dibaba - Kill Rock N Roll (Let It Bleed)

Heretic - 1.0

Label: Sabotage Systems| Release Date: 6/20/2005

With a partnership that rivals the best comedy duos and pairings of the last few years, Cass and Paolo Mojo finally bring their Heretic project to the dance with the pending release of '1.0'. An album of sounds that covers a wide of genres and styles, but is just two guys having fun at what they do best. We've got the feature and the review for you here right now, and be sure to check back in the next few days as these two will be on hand to shoot the shit with some random business.

With several remixes and live dates already under their collective belt, the dynamic duo of Sabotage head honcho Cass and his erstwhile sidekick Paolo Mojo embark on a Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid type relationship (but without the deadly ending) with the upcoming release of their first collaborative album, cunningly titled '1.0'.

Paolo Mojo is of course the distinguished northern gent of the pairing, famous for tweaked out sets at Tyrant and alongside Sasha at Fabric, in addition to six hour plus driving sets from Turkey to Argentina and everywhere inbetween. Not to mention Bedrock, Colours, Tribal Sessions and Space. Turn offs include paying phone bills and paying for love (although he says it's inevitable it times), although cites his turn ons as being Cass' missus cooking and a genuine love of house music. He puts it together rather skilfully, so much so that the one and only Mr Tenaglia called him up at one point to leave a running eulogy on his rather startled answer-phone. And then there's the production career - in which there is mucho interest from Pete Tong and Radio One whom embrace Paolo's brand of future retro-styling. With tracks and remixes appearing on such stylised labels as Honchos, CR2, future classic '1983' and a remix of Planet Funk in the pipeline, not to mention a summer tour alongside Sasha, and it goes to show that Heretic is indeed just one string to his finely tuned bow.

Cass is similarly a man of many hidden depths (some would say so hidden they don't exist). He greatly enjoys DJing, which is very handy, as he's also considered rather good at it. He's proved his mettle in some of the world's finest emporiums of booty shake. Cream, Spundae, Renaissance, Twilo and Fabric represent the Champions League of his myriad outings around the globe – and have all been sprinkled with his haphazard sonics. He also enjoys spending time in the studio with a hot cup of cocoa and some dirty noises and has racked up a production career that spans 40+ original tracks (both solo and with other electronica luminaries), and 30+ remixes to date, most recently for Miss Kittin and an appearance on the excellent label Fine. Turn offs include reality TV, Meatloaf and spinach in the teeth. Turn-ons include his missus' cooking (a theme developing here we think), his missus in general and the obligatory and vaguely predictable love of house. All of this is rather neatly wrapped up in the bundle that is Sabotage - his latest label venture and current home to the Heretic project.

Heretic? It's not about the latest fad or fashion. It's about a passionate affair with repetitive beats that extends beyond the considerable and into the obsessive. It's a love of vinyl, of dusty old record shops and that feeling you get on your fingers after a day spent thumbing through the racks of some sleepy basement goldmine. It's just other people's dirt, but that's exactly what they want.

"I think that you can't keep a good beat down, no matter whether it's house, breaks or that special place in-between that we like to try and investigate as often as possible." - Paolo Mojo

Everyone knows that fat bottomed bass, and noises that go 'do-de-do' are where's it's at. But what about the fwarps, fwips and outrageous nyiip, nyiiip, nyiiip records that call to mind too much acid and leaf? No problem. They've got it covered.

"I guess deep down we just really like playing what we want to. Playing records to people who appreciate that there can still be really something special about listening to people play music they love." - Cass

Heretic? It's about Cass & Paolo Mojo mixing together records that just seem that they belong together, it's about producing music, it's about taking chances and dealing with the issues that arise, it's about doing a radio show that allows them to share their passion, it's about hanging around in pubs or front rooms talking, laughing, setting the world to rights… doing whatever. Yeah that's just about right…

Heretic, it's about doing whatever…


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