1. False Prophet - Wake Up (Original Instrumental Mix)
  2. Whitey - Two Face (Glimmers Edit)
  3. Evil Nine - Pearlshot
  4. Evil Nine - Pearlshot (Switch Mix)
  5. Campag Velocet - We Are The Trumping Me (Henri Riton Mix)
  6. Freeland - Heel and Toe (Evil Nine Mix)
  7. Stone Lions - Snow Over Arizona
  8. Serge Santiago - Answer To 8am (Demon)
  9. Bassbin Twins - 80808 (VIP Mix)
  10. Metric - Surrender (Original Mix)
  11. Alex Dolby - Hazy Way (Evil Nine Mix)
  12. Babe Instinct - Disco Babes From Outer Space (Santos 'Another Planet' Mix)
  13. Bloc Party - Tulips (Minotaur Shock Club Mix)

Evil Nine - Y4K

Label: Distinctive Records| Release Date: 8/29/2005

With recent volumes in the Y4K series from Hybrid, Phil K, and Ali B cementing it's status at the forefront of the breakbeat scene, the time has come for Distinctive Records to bring breakbeat's hottest property, Evil Nine, into the fold.

Building on the foundations set in place by well received artist album 'You Can Be Special Too' and remixes for artists such as Alex Dolby and Infusion, Evil Nine's 'Y4K' takes their punk rock attitude and injects it into an album that promises to be one of the most diverse and exciting in the Y4K series yet.

With the Y4K series established at the forefront of breaks compilations the time is right to bring in breakbeat’s hottest propert - the duo that is Evil Nine.

For those that don't know, but maybe should, Evil Nine are Tom Beaufoy and Pat Pardy and they're at the top of their game; deriving their own musical flavour from multiple influences - hip hop, funk, deep house garage rock and techno amongst them.

Y4K is their first compilation and what an inspired selection of tracks it features - from Freeland, Heel and Toe (Evil Nine Mix), Evil Nine – Pearlshot, False Prophet – Wake Up and Stone Lions – Snow Over Arizona as well as exclusives from Bassbin Twins and False Prophet (PMT), it's tracklist is as every bit cutting edge as the mix itself. As tough as nails, the album is a rocky, proggy, breaky and housey selection of cleverly chosen tracks laced with organic drums, live guitars and vocals with no shortage of attitude.

Their debut album 'You Can Be Special Too' was shown much love from the likes of Pete Tong, Zane Lowe, Laurent Garnier, Plump DJs, Eddy TM, Q Magazine, Mixmag… with their unique style and approach to music evident throughout this project… echoing in many ways the feel of the acclaimed artist album. Their punk rock, DIY attitude is stamped all over the enclosed album, as yet again they try to take it one step further, one level up from the norm or perceived. They are all about not playing it safe and here they play with the compilation format for the first time and with great success.

The Y4K series can already boast Hybrid, Soul of Man, Phil K and, most recently, Ali B as contributors to one of the finest and most loved compilation series. Evil Nine keep with the quality and keep with the vibe. Enjoy the journey…


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