1. Chris Salt - Future Aesthetics
  2. Duskie J - Depressed Feelings
  3. Somnus Corp - Sistema De Fe (Original Mix)
  4. Shmuel Flash - For A Long Time (Fretwell Mix)
  5. Marscruiser & Josephs - Dave Is A Robot
  6. Moda - Enchanted Breaks
  7. De'Lacy - Hideaway (Rhythm Code & Chris Lake Mix)
  8. CCCP - I Want Your Body (Art G & Justin Xara Whispering Mix)
  9. Blake Potter - Timelocked (Original Mix)
  10. Firefly - Supernatural (Rhythm Code Vocal Mix)
  11. Slacker - Goddam Voodoo Noize
  12. Stefan Anion - Strangers
  13. Vector 13 - God Has Lost Its Soul (Chris Salt 'Faith Restoration' Mix)
  14. Shiloh - I Really Want U (Blake Potter Main Mix)
  15. Chris Salt - Digital Aesthetics (Club Mix)

Chris Salt - Future House

Label: Kickin Records| Release Date: 8/15/2005

Chris Salt first came onto the dance scene in early 2004 with the single 'Dub Sonar' on Silver Planet. This was subsequently followed up by 'Atmospheric Graffiti' and remixes for such artists as the Flash Brothers and Vector 13, in addition to a range of DJ dates across the globe. With his debut compilation 'Fear 3' having bookended a terrific debut year, Chris is now set to release a new compilation for Kickin Records. The details on the 'Future House' project are all right here..

The first in a series of forward thinking atmospheric house CDs compiled and mixed by the scene’s best up & coming DJs, Kickin are proud to be releasing Future House.

Future House is an epic journey in the true sense of the word, the tracks included on this CD are currently being hammered in club-land (well ahead of commercial release) from white label or test pressing, and with 5 exclusives Future House certainly is just that… the Future of House!

Compiled and mixed by leader of the new school of DJs: Chris Salt, Future House is chock full of the futuristic sounds that have come to be his trademark of late. Chris' first single 'Dub Sonar' was released in May 2004 on Silver Planet, receiving support from the likes of Sasha, Sander Kleinenberg, Nick Warren, Slacker & Quivver etc. His second release 'Atmospheric Graffiti' was championed by the likes of Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa and Paul Van Dyk, with the former being so impressed with the track that he has named it as his tune of 2004.

Chris' smooth blend of driving house and liquid breaks have wowed crowds all over London, leading him to DJ at Tokyo's prestigious Pearl Lounge in 2004. Since then he has rocked crowds at Turnmills & Audio Deluxe (London), Klatka (Poland) & Faces (Turkey) to name but a few, with dates in the Orient forthcoming. A sign if anything that this young DJ is climbing the ranks like a runaway bullet train..


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