1. All That Makes Us Human Continues
  2. Dynamic Symmetry
  3. The Internal Locus
  4. 1.618
  5. See You On The Other Side
  6. The Antikythera Mechanism
  7. Good Morning Kaia

BT - This Binary Universe

Label: DTS Entertainment| Release Date: 8/29/2006

After such albums as 'Ima', 'ESCM', 'Movement In Still Life' and 'Emotional Technology', producer, musician and computer Brian Transeau is set to release his most expansive project yet. 'This Binary Universe' is a unique two-disc set that is part record, part short film series, composed in 5.1 channel surround sound, with animations provided by some of today's finest computer artists and animators, thus unifying the two genres for which BT is most well known: electronic music and film scoring.

DTS Entertainment announced an August 29th street date for This Binary Universe, the newest release from legendary musician/composer/producer BT. A groundbreaking two-disc set that is part record, part short film series, the CD / DVD combines seven unique tracks composed in 5.1-channel surround sound fused with stunning animations by some of today’s finest computer artists and animators. This Binary Universe is a journey of sight and sound, on the artistic and technological cutting edge of both music and animation.
Stephen Fortner, Technical Editor at Keyboard Magazine, has called This Binary Universe “…fine art that works on many levels, mind-bendingly deep but a pleasure to kick back and just listen to. In a hundred years, it could well be studied as the first major electronic work of the new millennium. It’s that good.”
This Binary Universe unifies the two genres for which BT is most well known: electronic music and film scoring. Varying from lo-fi classical pieces with jazz chord structures to glitch and IDM-influenced micro-rhythmic, introspective, electronic tone poems, BT utilizes hand-designed digital instruments alongside a broad range of analog musical instruments to create a work that defies classification. Additionally, all of the animations have been created in high definition, allowing the album to be shown in cinemas in full resolution with a 5.1-channel soundtrack, as well as providing the option to utilize the content in the next generation high definition optical disc formats, Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD.
“This Binary Universe is a completely original work that is a perfect marriage of category-defying music with amazing visuals, all enhanced by the DTS 5.1-channel soundtrack which completely envelops the listener,” said Molly Kronberg, Vice President, Worldwide Strategic Business, Content, at DTS. “This work of art represents the kind of cutting edge titles that DTS Entertainment is working to release in the future.”
BT will support the release of This Binary Universe with a North American tour in September, on which he will perform the title live in 5.1-channel surround sound at alternative venues around the country.

About BT

Recognized as the pioneer of the trance music genre, BT has evolved into one of the most visionary artists and producers for a multitude of musical styles. Whether composing intricate scores with 80-piece orchestras for blockbuster films such as The Fast And The Furious, Stealth, and the Oscar-winner Monster, writing and producing for Sting, David Bowie or Peter Gabriel, or remixing evocative epics for Sarah McLaughlin, Madonna or Seal, BT crafts classically-influenced, electronic overtures ringing with dense textures. Consistently balancing creative and memorable songwriting with sonic innovation and hand-designed technologies and software tools, BT created the epic albums IMA, ESCM, Movement In Still Life and Emotional Technology, which give testament to his innovation.


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