1. Joe Boot & The Fabulous Winds – Rock N Roll Radio
  2. The Rebs – Renegade
  3. Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat
  4. Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers – Snake Pit
  5. Tav Falco & Panther Burns - Jungle Rock
  6. Charlie Feathers – Jungle Fever
  7. Johnny Burnette – Wampus Cat
  8. The Milkshakes – The Grim Reaper
  9. Link Wray – 5-10-15-20 (Can Your Monkey Do The Dog)
  10. The Strangeloves – I Want Candy
  11. T Rex – Free Angel
  12. The Fall – Big New Prinz
  13. Flaming Stars – Spilled Your Pint
  14. Primal Scream – Bloods (TLS Mix)
  15. Tropics of Cancer – Upside Down
  16. Shockheaded Peters – I Blood Brother Be
  17. The Cramps – New Kind of Kick
  18. Killing Joke – Bloodsport
  19. Andrew Weatherall - Feathers

Andrew Weatherall - Sci Fi Lo Fi Volume One

Label: Soma Records| Release Date: 10/8/2007

Following on from the success of the Sci Fi Hi Fi compilation series which has seen great albums come from Ewan Pearson, Luciano and Alex Smoke, Scotland's Soma Records now ventures in a different direction, with a new spin off series dedicated to the most uncanny organic music. Prior to the upcoming new Two Lone Swordsmen artist album, the legendary Andrew Weatherall kicks off this new series in grand fashion, with an album that draws in material from T Rex and Killing Joke plus many many more.

Evolving from Soma’s hugely popular Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi mix series, which has so far showcased the DJing talents of Alex Smoke, Luciano and Ewan Pearson, now comes Sci.Fi.Lo.Fi, a spin-off series dedicated to only the most uncanny organic music. Paving the way in the new series is the legendary Andrew Weatherall.

With well over 50 releases and literally hundreds of remixes under various guises, not forgetting his incredible production on ‘Screamadelica’, Andrew Weatherall is an instantly recognisable name with a style to match, making him the perfect candidate to herald the Sci.Fi.Lo.Fi series. Weatherall brings with him his trademark psychabilly record box and provides a mix spanning several decades from the 50’s up through the 80’s to the present day. As he and Keith Tenniswood issue an eagerly anticipated new Two Lone Swordsmen album entitled ‘Wrong Meeting’, Andrew delivers this exclusive Sci.Fi.Lo.Fi mix to complement the new material.

Mixed entirely on vinyl, Weatherall puts together the songs that influenced the new TLS material. Weatherall states, “It’s a lot of the tracks I was listening to whilst making Wrong Meeting, and it’s also kind of the first two hours of Wrong Meeting the club condensed into about an hour.” Be prepared for a musical journey through genres from northwest grease, punk and rock n roll to sixties psychadelica, post-punk and hard rock.

With artists such as Gene Vincent, Link Wray, Johnny Burnette and The Strangeloves’ sensational ‘I Want Candy’, Weatherall looks back to some classics from the 50’s and 60’s and mixes these with more obscure numbers from the same generation such as the opening track, ‘Rock n Roll Radio’ from Joe Boot and The Fabulous Winds.

Progressing through the decades, there are some esoteric classics and exclusives from T Rex, Primal Scream and The Fall as the mix kicks up some punky attitude. Concluding the album, Weatherall delivers a prime cut of his own making. ‘Feathers’, taken from 2006’s ‘The Bullet Catcher’s Apprentice’, the first album under Andrew’s own name, is classic Weatherall at his best.

Andrew tells us, “Go to the past, but look to the future, don’t get bogged down in the present. It’s about distilling the essence, be it from the 50s or the present day.” You almost definitely won’t hear another CD like this all year. The CD comes with exclusive artwork from the mind of Andrew himself, brought to life by Crimpton Fury & The Headless Truth. Described as “B-movie sci-fi crossed with the sin and sleaze paperbacks of the 50’s and 60’s” the album is guaranteed to look as unique as it sounds.


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