1. Porn Sword Tobacco - Naiat Library Card
  2. Burial - Gutted
  3. Basic Channel - Radiance
  4. Model 500 - M69 Starlight
  5. Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Version (Basic Reshape)
  6. Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches (Gaiser Mix)
  7. Stewart Walker Vs Theorem - Minor Explosions
  8. Add Noise - Loose Wire (AC Version)
  9. Aril Brikha - Aqua
  10. The Vision - Detroit: One Circle
  11. Thomas Brinkmann - Xenia
  12. Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind
  13. Musica Charlista - Juan & Alex
  14. EPY - Faktum
  15. Alex Smoke - Pingu
  16. Quixote - Squat
  17. Alex Smoke - Always & Forever (Vapid Mix)
  18. 2000 & One - Fokuz

Alex Smoke - Sci Fi Hi Fi Volume Three

Label: Soma Records| Release Date: 10/30/2006

2006 has been a great year for Soma Records that has not only seen new artist albums come from Silicone Soul and Alex Smoke, but has also brought the advent of the label's 'Sci Fi Hi Fi' mix compilation series. Earlier in the year, Ewan Pearson kicked off the series in fine fashion, whilst the ever popular Luciano's volume was for many one of the highlights of the summer months, and now Soma is proud to present 'Volume Three', mixed and compiled by Alex Smoke.

Glaswegian Alex Smoke's first single for Soma Records came back in November 2004, and was subsequently followed up by his debut album 'Incommunicado' in March 2005. It was here that his DJ career took off, as he was booked to play clubs and festivals throughout the UK and Europe and beyond.

From here, he released material on Berlin label Vakant, and brought his own interpretations to such artists as Mylo, Vector Lovers and Alex Under, slowly piecing together his second album 'Paradolia' which was released in March 2006.

Having spent the summer of 2006 touring the UK and Europe, showcasing his versatility and talent as both a DJ and producer with the 'Pardaolia' live tour, it is a natural progression that sees Alex compile the latest in the 'Sci Fi Hi Fi' mix series.

For this mix Alex has scoured the depths of his collection to craft a deep, dubby and Detroit techno masterpiece which includes tracks from legends like Basic Channel, Robert Hood and Juan Atkins alongside newer electronic producers such as Claro Intelecto, Burial and Alex himself, following on from the foundations laid by Ewan Pearson and Luciano with another compilation that looks set to hit the same high standards both DJs set with the previous volumes.


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