Artist: Visuddha
Title: Visualizer (Tone Depth Mixes)
Label: Fade Records
By: Simon Jones | 27 March 2002
  • A: Tone Depth Deep Mix
  • B: Tone Depth Morning Mix

Visuddha "Visualizer (Tone Depth Mixes)"

Out Now on Fade Records

In its original form Visualizer was one of the staple tracks at the Desert Rave events, being the creation of the event's promotor DJ Brian. Now it has been brought upto date by Canada's Tone Depth, who many of you may know as the creators of the massive Rumblefish on Bedrock.

First up is Tone Depth's Deep Mix, starting with a eerie static effected vox sample, and odd chants, before atmospheric strings introduce themselves deep below the deep bassline, before the track launches into a driving, rolling bassline, the atmospherics growing louder before the track increases in velocity once more, before the bassline becomes even deeper, synths pulsating tougher as they weave in and out of the beat, as the vocal from the start of the track is brought back into the it goes off into almost a breakbeat tip before returning to the slow beat to finish.

Tone Depth's Morning Mix on the other hand places emphasis on the synth life, soft synths rattling as the track builds at a consisent pace, a deep fx sample echoing below the bassline, before a series of running analogue beeps slice through the bassline as it fades down the the atmospherics, effects panning back and forth into the break, before the bassline goes off in a trippy direction and then without warning takes on a breakbeat feel, the vox sample piercing through between each series of beats. Quirky yet hypnotically deep. This mix has it all.

This is the 20th release on Chris Fortier's Fade Imprint, and with consistent support from the likes of Sasha, Digweed, Jimmy Van M and many more, it looks like we can expect a lot more to come on this excellent US imprint.

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