Artist: Various Artists
Title: Future Groove EP
Label: Future Groove
By: Chloe Harris | 11 December 2002
  • A1: Powder Productions - Acid Haze
  • B1: Deadbeat Society - Flicks Theme (Loudeast Mix)
  • C1: Inertia - Vellum (Circulation Mix)
  • D1: Powder Productions - Do You Feel It?

"Future Groove EP"

Out Now on Future Groove

If you’re looking for big sounding party tunes, or some nice deep and housey elements, this EP is for you. The singles off of the Future Groove cd, which is mixed by Desert, showcases the labels’ different types of sounds, and how varied Future Groove can be.

Powder Productions ‘Acid Haze’, starts us off with some massive sounding drums, and into thick textures, with loads of layers of percussion. Tribal drumming comes to the forefront, as the techy drums in the background fill up the space. There’s a deep, low sinister vibe, as a “woot” scream comes in. A quick chord sweep falls above you, as a whistle sound, goes up and down. A bouncy acid line creeps in, and gets louder and louder before popping off. Quality party tune.

Deadbeat Society ‘Flicks Theme’ is remixed by the great Loudeast. We open up with some nice steady drumming, along with a pushy midrange, which sets the scene for a smooth groover. Pretty sounds lightly float along with the floaty snyths, creating a very nice movement. We slow into a break that is short, and timed perfectly to let the arpeggiated part come in. This hook is brilliant. Changes happen quickly, holding your attention and moving through to the end of the tune. Class.

Inertia ‘Vellum’ gets a lovely rework from Circulation. Starting out with some nice drums, techy claps, and techy sounds, we hear a faint tone above. A low groovy synth comes in underneath, and creates a lovely feeling. At the break, we wash into a watery sound, as we fall back into the drums. A really clean sounding mix, which makes all the simple sounds stand out so well.

Powder Productions ‘Do You Feel It’ takes on a more techno vibe. A voice sample comes in and says, “Do you feel it”, as the hard beats pound, and engulf you. There’s a different sounding clap intermixed with the drums, and the bass rumbles underneath. This has a very funky feel to it, though very dark, hard and pounding. It never lets up, and could easily be fit for a techno or hard house set.

Future Groove seem to be on spot with the remixers they have been choosing as of late, and have really carved a different sort of niche for themselves. On this EP, each song has different elements, making sure there’s something here for everyone.

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