Artist: John Creamer & Stephane K
Title: Bedrock Compiled And Mixed
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 1 November 2002
  1. Peace Division - Take me (I'm Yours)
  2. Sholan - Can You Feel (What I'm Going Thru) (Sono Mix)
  3. Fafa Monteco - SOS (Save Our Souls)
  4. Milo - Jungle Of Mirror (The Scumfrog Mix)
  5. John Creamer & PQM - Fuck Sonnet
  6. Rivera & Trattner - Deep Into The Night
  7. Peace Division - Do You See Me?
  8. Dan K - Grace
  9. Vizo - Distinct Project (Extra More Mix)
  10. MV - From The Underground
  11. Duncan Ross & Gaetan - Pleasure

John Creamer & Stephane K "Bedrock Compiled And Mixed "

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Bedrock have come a long way from being just a production alias of John Digweed and Nick Muir. From successful monthly parties at The Beach in Bright and at Heaven in London to the award winning record label now in it's second year, the Bedrock name has gone from strength to strength. It's Compiled and Mixed series has also been well accoladed and has showcased some of the finest talent around. starting with labelhead John Digweed, before moving onto the Balance Promote duo of Jimmy Van M and Chris Fortier. Now Bedrock throw a bit of curveball into the mix, shying slightly away from the progressive roots established by the first three volumes and embarking into the world of sleazy house grooves, courtesy of NYC duo John Creamer and Stephane K.

Initially known for their productions rather than DJing skills, the duo first came to the attention of many with their rework of Kosheen's Hide U. This was quickly followed up with remixes for the likes of Nat Monday and Satoshi Tomiie, and more recently Moony and Yoko Ono. They have also found time to put out some original productions in the shape of Wish You Were Here and I Love You. Since then John has found time to collaborate with PQM and has embarked on a large amount of DJ dates all across the world, and it's due to not only his, but Stephane K's growing careers that they have been selected to deliver the fourth in the Compiled and Mixed series.

CD1 takes in offerings from Peace Division, starting off with Take Me, which is a trippy tribal intro from the duo, but they also have a track later in the mix entitled Do You See Me (with vocals penned by Lustral). Moving through the see we see the hypnotic house grooves courtesy of Sholan's evocative Can You Feel, the ever consistent Sono on the remix. Rolling basslines are a-plenty in this mix as Fafa Monteco stick with the trend and lead into Creamer's World, a place where his twisted mind becomes your play area for just over 2 hours. The aptly name Fuck Sonnet lends some extra filth to the mix. whilst tracks from Dan K, in addition to Duncan Ross & Gaetan, both slipping in tracks which add to the hard, sleazy and filthy vibe that flows throught this disc, and as your mind slips into debaucherous territory, MV remembers that above all, it comes From The Underground.

CD2 continues on in fine fashion, getting twisted on our asses fairly early with the eerily emotive Seven by Against The Grain standing out, but this is preluded by the Matrix sampling industrial grooves of 4 Toasters deep gem, Real World.. The seductive tones of Anna Maria X seep through the beats, oozing sexiness as G-Pal's Ocean Of Blue leads us onward as Powerplant's With Or Without You drags us off into the darkness before respite comes from the soulful and catchy vocal of Bernard Leon Howard III's Marscarter. Fitalic's Kanesha is the injection that adds a more driving pace to the mix, and pretty much designates the course of the next few tracks before a classic from the mid 90s in the form of Danny Tenaglia and Hambone's WOW brings the deep, upbeat vibe to a perfect end.

A bit of a move away from previous volumes and a move that has been met with mixed reaction in many circles. For those who still love their sleazy house, this cd certainly has its moments and will appease to those people, but for those who are bored of the deep, tribal grooves and are in search of something else, then this cd is not for you. Overall, it has a few standout moments and tracks, the mixing is decent enough, but for long time playability, the average music listener will probably give it one or two listens before resigning it to the collection for a long future. Use your own judgement before trying out.

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