Artist: Various Artists
Title: Baroque SE020 Unreleased Mixes EP
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 July 2002
  • A: Interflow - Storyreel (Satoshi Tomiie Dub)
  • B: Innate - Roots Rock (Catchavox Mix)
  • C: Jay Welsh - Four Horsemen (Tilt Ragga Sub Dub)
  • D: Manticore - Slaves (Brancaccio And Aisher Dub)

"Baroque SE020 Unreleased Mixes EP"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Baroque started out back in early 2000 with the massive smash 'Moments In Space' by Odessi. Since then it has developed into one of the most respected imprints around, having also spawned the more progressive Method imprint some months ago. Now at their 20th release, the label celebrate in fine style by putting together a limited double 12" of unreleased mixes of some of their greatest releases.

Kicking off the package is Satoshi Tomiie's Dub of Interflow's Storyreel. The orginal vocal mix found it's way onto Anthony Pappa's Resolution cd and went down a storm with many djs. Now for those who weren't too keen on the vocal (and there were a handful), you now get the chance to use Satoshi's slamming reinterpretation in your sets. A nice starter to the package.

Following on, one of the label bosses, Keith Mcdonnell (aka Innate) delivers an unreleased remix of his track Roots Rock, an uplifting but simmering 'Catchavox' remix, that slowly builds the mood, shaping itself as a nice tune for warming up a crowd.

With disc 1 out of the way, we now move to disc 2, where we find Tilt's Ragga Sub Dub of Jay Welsh's Four Horsemen. This was the track that kick started the Method imprint, but lets not be picky. It was featured on Parks and Wilson's Painting On Silence cd and has been sought after ever since. Utilising a deeper groove than the original or the Tilt mix, the boys Mick and Mick rework this into a dark brooding monster. Tasty indeed.

Completing the package is Brancaccio and Aisher's driving dub of Manticore's Slaves, its punishing arrangements, strange goa influenced sounds and quirky effects all coming together to produce a floor destroying monster that will do the business each and every time you play it. The perfect end to this EP.

What one could well call the Dubs EP, this is definately worth checking out, regardless of whether you're a Baroque fan, or just are looking for a diverse selection of cuts to launch at the dancefloor. Hunt this down before it's too late.

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