Artist: Various Artists
Title: Regrooves Vol. 2
Label: Future Groove
By: Vince Hart | 30 January 2002
  • A: Nimrod - Data (Medway Mix)
  • B: Inertia - Aging (Fade Mix)

"Regrooves Vol. 2"

Out Now on Future Groove

A sampler of things to come from Regrooves, this Vol. 2 sampler offers a pair of mixes from some of progressive house’s biggest players: Medway & Fade. “Data” by Nimrod is given the inimitable remix treatment by Jesse “Medway” Skeens, who keeps things airy, progressive, chunky & tribal as you’ve come to expect. Metallic synth stabs & a full-bodied wobbly bassline carry the track along in booty-shaking style.

Up next, Inertia’s “Aging,” sounding unusually similar to the tune above, receives a remix by Neil Kolo & Chris Fortier’s Fade, the veteran prog-house producers from Florida. Not one of their better mixes, this one plods along in a mechanical manner with a simple signature bassline and a few conga stabs to keep the tribal massive grinning. The synths and atmospheres continue to grow and expand as the track unfolds, producing quite the hypnotizing effect. Overall, this is a substandard effort from a widely respected duo. Perhaps partial blame can go to what they had to work with originally.

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