Artist: Undisputed Truth
Title: Let The Drums Speak
Label: Plastica
By: Simon Jones | 21 January 2002
  • A: Ground Earth Mix
  • B: Ground Earth Dub

Undisputed Truth "Let The Drums Speak"

Out Now on Plastica

Following on from a release by Paul Plug under the Acquired Sound alias, fellow Plug Recordings studio guru Mark Lloyd brings us a release under the guise of Undisputed Truth, entitled Let The Drums Speak

The Ground Earth Mix starts off with some funky drum percussion before the deep vocal sample echoes through the beats, as the percussion builds and twists until a smooth hypnotic outter space bassline warbles in and out between the beats. A fresh and interesting take on tribal percussion and beats.

The Ground Earth Dub utilises cut up beats, reverb and synths to create a darker, groovier brooding cut for the darkier moments of a set.

With a second single 'Pursuit Of The Purple Pimp Mobile' forthcoming on Plastica and a release also forthcoming on EQ it looks like the Plug Recordings boys are back to try and introduce some fresh ideas into percussive beats. Only time will tell whether they succeed.

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