Artist: Trigger
Title: Rollercoaster
Label: Acetate Ltd
By: Vince Hart | 19 February 2002
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Pablo Gargano Remix
  • B2: Pablo Gargano Bonus Remix

Trigger "Rollercoaster"

Out Now on Acetate Ltd

Formerly released on Vicious Vinyl (Vapour) Recordings and taken from Australian act Trigger's ONW-ARDS LP, "Rollercoaster" is along the vein of a dark Underworld-esque vocal trancer. Featuring distorted spoken male vocals, an unrelenting bassline and some acidic squelches, this isn't for the weak of fits somewhere inbetween the spectrum of dance/indie.

On the remix tip is Eve Records owner Pablo Gargano. His mixes will surely appeal to all the discerning prog-heads, as they're much more suited to a dancefloor: syncopated tribal rhythms, a deep, resonating and floor-shaking bassline and plenty of added melodic/atmospheric effects to balance out the oomph of the pumping rhythmic low end. Gargano offers two mixes, each offering a slightly different take on the theme with vocals intact. Quality!

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