Artist: Tone Depth
Title: Rumblefish
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 April 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Terminal 4 Dub

Tone Depth "Rumblefish"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Tone Depth hail from Montreal, Canada and have had releases and remixes released on Fade Records and Engine Recordings, where this track, Rumblefish has been lifted from their Event Horizons EP and reworked for release on Bedrock.

The Original mix starts off with some military style soft snare percussion, before stabs slice their way through the bassline with reckless abandon and deep atmospheric synths enter the fray as the bassline rises and falls sublimely in the background. It's when the the etheral chanting vocal comes in that things get interesting as a rather retro style stab is introduced and the track really starts to take shape, easing off the pace momentarily before firing on all cylinders and smacking you hard in the face as the massive break kicks in, slowly brooding and evolving as it forms itself behind the bassline, the vocal returning once more for some seriously moody action that will fully gain your attention ready for the pace to pick up once more. A massive track, but the best is yet to come.

However, over on the flip an eerie female vocal asks Where You Gonna Go?, as the synths fly past in the background and as her laughter grows, a trippy percussion line roughly assembles itself over a pulsating beat, before the main synthline enters and series of large flanging stabs are introduced where the track picks up a little pace, then spooky atmospheric effects form the soundscape over which this track evolves into monstrous buildup, as the vocal returns once more. and the track continues on once more to its grand finale. A journey through the dubby world of Terminal 4.

This track has been one of the most eagerly anticipated Bedrock releases ever since John Digweed played the vocal version at the Love Parade 2001, it has driven dancefloors crazy every time he has played it since, and now its yours for the taking, so make sure you pick it up.

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