Artist: Tim Scott
Title: In Too Deep
Label: 3Beat Music Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 9 September 2002
  • A: Element N Mix
  • B: Nimrod Mix

Tim Scott "In Too Deep"

Out Now on 3Beat Music Ltd

Tim Scott produces for many labels such as Serious, Binary, Renaissance, Futuregroove and many others. In particular his track 'Control' on Binary has been getting support from Sasha. Here he offers up a track under his own name, with remixes under two of his other guises, Element N and Nimrod. Are you ready to go In Too Deep?

The Element N mix starts off with a trippy, hypnotic groove which leads into a deep pulsating bassline with sinister vocal riding over the top. As the beats rain rapidly over the bassline, the vocal shows it's true colours, pushing the track into the darkness with lots of filtered effects and echoes added in. It's intention is clearly to deliver something moody and foreboding, but it does not quite pull it off.

The Nimrod mix focuses on drums and eerie effects, but remains true to the Element N mix in most other aspects. If you are a fan of spacey influenced progressive house, then you might like this, but for me it doesnt really add anything to the package.

Overall, a rather disappointing release from 3Beat, probably one of the worst I've heard in a long time.

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