Artist: Tilt Feat Maria Nayler
Title: Headstrong
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 February 2002
  • A: Relentless Vocal Mix
  • B: Parks and Wilson's Scalpel Mix
  • C: Tilt's Sorrento Terrace Mix
  • D: Blades, G & The Droid Mix

Tilt Feat Maria Nayler "Headstrong"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Tilt return with their first release since the Dark Island EP on Hooj, and what better way then to enlist the help of one of the scene's best vocalists, the lovely Maria Nayler who the guys previously worked with on the massive 'Angry Skies'.

Now having made their way over to Baroque, the boys serve up a doublepack with three mixes from themselves and one from the mighty Rowan Blades and Naughty G (collectively known as Pariah) who team up with The Droid (aka Oz breaks demon Andy Page) to deliver a storming remix.

The Original is a brooding growling workout, as you can feel the anguish building before it is released as Maria's powerful, distinctive vocals pierce the soundscape, leading into a percussive groove which Maria hums over, subtly fading down to a minimal pulsating synth as Maria's voice takes centre stage, deeply enchating, yet with an alluring unknown quantity that draws you closer as the track grooves slowly into the close. The Parks and Wilson Scalpel mix drops the vocal in favour of filtered samples, dirty synths, and filthy metallic breaks, complete with a dark male vocal sample that snarls its way through the beats.

Moving on to disc two, the guys return to being Tilt, with the Sorrento Terrace mix, a deep progressive mix built around a rising and falling progressive chord sequence, breathy female cries riding along each drop as a dark vocodered male vocal eminates from the bowels of the track as a deep synthetic break bubbles momentarily before the track builds once more. Deep, Hypnotic and very spooky. However, Rowan Blades, Naughty G and The Droid decide to put up one hell of a fight right at the end for attention, creating a driving bassline that incorporates the driving elements that Rowan is known for with the tight production and rough bass that could only come from Andy Page to create a floor destroying rework that takes Maria's vocals to the next level.

Tilt have returned with relentless abandon, ready to remind people why they are one of the most reknowned outfits in the business and if the Blades, G and Droid mix is an example of what happens when those 3 get together then they really need to get in the studio more often.

Baroque, as proved by their recent 7 magazine showcase intend to take things to the next level in 2002, and right here they've laid the starting foundation.

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