Artist: The Realm
Title: Lost In Space (Madoka Remixes)
Label: 3Beat Music Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 21 October 2002
  • A: Madoka Private Remix
  • B: Madoka Private Dub

The Realm "Lost In Space (Madoka Remixes)"

Out Now on 3Beat Music Ltd

The Realm is from the same duo who brought us such classics as Chakra's 'I Am' and Lustral's 'Everytime'. Steve Jones and Ricky Simmonds have etched a name for themselves with these timeless classics as well as productions under a slew of other aliases including Oxygen, Force Majeure and The Space Brothers. Following on from the Oakenfold supported 'This Is Not A Breakdown' which was featured on the film Swordfish, the duo return with the follow up, 'Lost In Space' which has been given this superb set of underground remixes by Mark Venerri, better known to most of us as the melodic house and progressive trance master, Madoka.

A deep intro leads us into tight rolling bassline on the 'Private Remix' synth arrays punctuating the groove creating a slightly tense mood for the gravely vocal to add some emotion to the track, powerful lyrics locking in to the soundscape and pushing the pace forward nicely, fading to a dreamy ambient break before the crisp snare rolls swirl within the bass as the track fades to mute. Another notch in Madoka's cap, showcasing his versatility as a producer and why he has become one of the hottest up and coming talents in the scene.

The 'Private Dub' strips down the use of the vocal, allowing the deep sounds to be highlighted by some subtle layered effects giving a very atmospheric feel to the track, and for those who frowned on the slightly commerical-esque vocal, what you now have here is a perfect mood builder for the peak time, ready to launch into the bright lights of the night.

After a dip in form with the last few releases, 3Beat deliver a corker, a safe money bet in the form of some Madoka remixes paying off no end. Let's hope they can capatilise on this and move onwards and upwards.

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