Artist: Tarquin L'Arouso
Title: Groove @ The Bar / Last Man Standing
Label: Inversus Records
By: Chad Harnish | 25 January 2002
  • A: Groove @ The Bar
  • B: Last Man Standing

Tarquin L'Arouso "Groove @ The Bar / Last Man Standing"Tarquin L'Arouso "Groove @ The Bar / Last Man Standing"

Out Now on Inversus Records

Contributing as ½ of Origin and ½ of Avid, Dave Wood is also Tarquin L’Arouso. Along with Anthony Mein, Origin’s singles have appeared on Nick Warren & Dave Seamon’s mixsets for the acclaimed Global Underground. Dave’s next installment in the progressive scene is a solo venture with Inversus bringing you ‘Groove @ The Bar’ and ‘Last Man Standing’. Two minimal groovers that are sure to find playtime with the same fans of Origin.

On one side of this 12”, ‘Last Man Standing’ emphasizes the deep, tough, minimal beats with eastern flavored synths. The bassline is bottomless and fastens well with the whispery male sample giving you plenty to shake your booty too.

On the other side of this plate, ‘Groove @ The Bar’ is just as the title announces. Put on your head phones and kick back to this lounged out trancer and it will transport you straight to the local pub. Early in the track you will experience a hauntingly groovy number with tripped out vocal effects. Further into the cut, the momentum picks up, and you are pulled from the barstool straight to the dancefloor to get down and dirty. Euphoric synths soon peak their head through the smoky dancefloor for a brief period of calming. Together with the dubby bassline and drum track, you can hear the same inspiration that gave us ‘Wide Eyed Angel’ This is a track I would expect to hear early in a Cass set.

‘Groove @ The Bar’ and ‘Last Man Standing’ is out now on Inversus.

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