Artist: Switchshift
Title: Head Pressure
Label: Navigation Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 October 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Zero Wait State Remix

Switchshift "Head Pressure"

Out Now on Navigation Records

Navigation is a new imprint that has been set up by producer/dj Stewart Keenan with intention of making an impact on the progressive breaks scene. Already the debut release 'Blackout' by Liquideyes has caused a stir amongst prog heads and breaks fanatics alike thanks in part to it's superb Wrecked Angle remix. Now the second release is here in the form of Switchshift's Head Pressure. Switchshift is London based producer Alistair Lindsay who has only been making music for around two years but has already made a name for himself via the Freakaboom imprint., now he follows up the track he released there, Electric Drop, with this further foray into breaks

The Original Mix is a melodic influenced breaks affair, atmospherics adding to the swirling synth arrangement which bounces along, the echoes emerging through the speakers adding a sense of depth to the track. Subtly captivating deep progressive breaks action here. The remix comes from Stewart himself under the guise of Zero Wait State and points it's ideas at the other end of the spectrum with rougher chunkier beats locks into a dark and sinister, letting the melody shine through only during the breathtaking breakdown. Twisted yet stunning..

Navigation continues to plot its course through the unchartered bustling breaks scene, and looks set to find a destination full of promise over the coming months if this release is anything to go by.

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