Artist: Swain Snell & Lucas
Title: We Need Space
Label: Plastica
By: Simon Jones | 11 June 2002
  • A: Main Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Swain Snell & Lucas "We Need Space"

Out Now on Plastica

Kevin Swain and David Snell have teamed up with Antonia Lucas previously on their Xzique projects, which have found favour with the likes of Steve Lawler and many other top djs. This time around they have decided to put something out under their own names, entitled We Need Space. Already the track has found support from Saeed and Palash, Deep Dish and Danny Rampling to name but a few, but does it deserve support from you? Lets find out.

The Main mix starts off with a deep hypnotic percussion line, as Antonia's breathy vocals soon kick in, followed by a tough rolling beat pattern. As the track continues atmospheric stabs wash over the bassline with subtle execution, as the mood builds and the vocal really comes into its own. The beats then drop out as the atmospheric stabs then lead us through the break before the beats return once more. Deep, druggy and hypnotic excellence from this trio.

The Dub is a darker drum fuelled mix, with a constant beat pattern revolving around a tough tribal beat. The atmospherics do not make an appearance till much later in the track when the only full vocal snippet enters during the break, before dark stab effects take the track off in another direction. A nice alternative to the original, but the original remains my favourite mix here.

What next for Swain and Snell? More recently they've been working with the likes of Bill Hamel to name but a few people, so watch as these guys attempt to expand their production repertoire even further.

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