Artist: Sunkissed
Title: Round Trip
Label: Future Groove
By: Vince Hart | 15 October 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Steve Porter Mix
  • C: Thomas P. Heckmann Mix
  • D: Barada's Coach Class Mix

Sunkissed "Round Trip"

Out Now on Future Groove

From Mute's Future Groove imprint comes this 2 part vinyl release of "Round Trip" by Sunkissed. Pure progressive heaven, the original features metallic hi-hats, pitched up percussion, hypnotising monotone bass & a cavorted acid line, rising in intensity as the track unfolds. The track begins to lose steam, as the single chord begin throughout the track begins to grate on the nerves.

Steve Porter offers his inimitable touch w/ a deeper groove featuring a chunky percussion and a bouncy bassline. Swirling synths and atmospheric pads add depth to the soundscape, while subtle chord changes manage to keep one's attention intact. A good builder for house and trance dj's alike.

Next, Thomas Heckman is called upon for remixing duties. He introduces his remix with looped pads from the original and a raw 303 bassline. Full-bodied percussion and synthy knob-tweaking make for another progressive workout that manages to follow a slightly different path than the prior 2 mixes. This version is certainly more hypnotising than the original.

Barada's Coach Class Mix is an unassuming conga-laded, bass-heavy housey take on the original. The shortest of the bunch, it doesn't aim at providing a journey. With a female diva vocal snippet added and a heavily filtered acid

line found underneath, this is another perfect building track for progressive and house dj's alike.

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