Artist: Sub Project
Title: Space
Label: Plastica
By: Simon Jones | 11 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Remix

Sub Project "Space"

Out Now on Plastica

Sub Project follow up the 'Dark Sessions EP' from way back in 2000 with this new track entitled 'Space'. You may think because it's from Swain and Snell under one of their many guises it is the same as much of their other stuff.. That is where you are mistaken..

The 'Original Mix' will be instantly recognisible to fans of Tom Stephan and Danny Tengalia who have been hammering it since WMC2002. The deep pulsating groove compliments the drum arrangements as the dark and moody 'I want to go to Space.. Space is the place' vocal pierces the speakers. Horns rise and fall in the backdrop to add some emotion to the track. Fading out momentarily for the break, the drums return with more power and depth than before, taking the intensity into space.

The guys rework the track as Swain and Snell on the flip, opting for a more minimal percussion based remix, spacial synth lines sliding across the groove as the mix progresses and a massive piano line weaves it's way through the centre of the track. Slightly old skool in vibe, this is a superb addition to the release and in many ways tops the original.

Plastica starts off 2003 with the help of two of the mainstays in their stable, but no doubt we can expect fresh and diverse new artists to also make their debut as the year commences, taking the Plastica ethos and sound to the next level.

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