Artist: Stefano Greppi
Title: Electro-Pop
Label: Plastica
By: Simon Jones | 24 March 2002
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Dub
  • B2: FXPoppapella

Stefano Greppi "Electro-Pop"

Out Now on Plastica

Stefano Greppi is a name familar to many with the excellent 'Freedom Is' track. Hailing from Italy this talented producer has made many dancefloor cuts that DJs all over the world have in their boxes, and here is his latest, Electro-Pop

The Main Mix with its trippy percussion line just rolls along subtly, electro synths and fx rippling in and out of the beats and quirky samples of children laughing warbling in the background, and as the track progresses, things get a bit deeper and darker vocal samples are introduced before fading to a piano break and an effected vocal. Another stunning production as we've come to expect from Mr Greppi, and one that Anthony Pappa uses to great effect on his Resolution cd. The dub is on a funkier tip and makes small uses of the Electro Pop sample. Rounding off the package is the FXPoppapella, which is basically the main electro element of the main mix, complete with the vocals, which could be used quite interestingly as a set opener.

Plastica seem intent on continuing the quality from last year well into 02 and so far they are doing just that.

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