Artist: Starecase
Title: See (Remixes)
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 6 August 2002
  • A: Starecase Mix
  • B: Rulers Of The Deep Mix

Starecase "See (Remixes)"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Following on from the first 12" with the oustanding Timo Maas mix, yet more mixes of See have arrived from Starecase and Rulers Of The Deep so without any further introduction, lets see what they have done to the track.

Starecase's Mix shys away from the Original, choosing to ditch the vocals and shape the track into a more energy fuelled, building cut. Minimal use of the vocal combined with futuristic sounds take this off in a very different direction, but whilst it bangs it out, perhaps more use of the vocal would have been a nice alternative mix to provide in addition to this. If you want dubbed out club fare tho.. look no further.

Rulers Of The Deep strip the track right down, turning in a blissed out remix that just trickles along, one for the more chilled sets, soft percussion and building hooks just keeping it together nicely. Easy does it.

A decent set of mixes to compliment the other 12" on release, but perhaps for the more alternative djs out there. For full on club magic, check out the original, but if something out of the norm is your bag, look no further than this 12"

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