Artist: Starecase
Title: Faith (Remixes)
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 19 April 2002
  • A: Jean Jacques Smoothie Mix
  • B: General Midi Mix

Starecase "Faith (Remixes)"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Following on from the Original and deep brooding Loafer mixes comes two twisted interpretations of Starecase's latest single Faith. I won't bore you with the the details about the guys as i've said it all already, so lets find out if the sounds on this piece of wax are any good.. Lets start..

From his roots deep in the heart of Wales, Jean Jacques Smoothie has enjoyed chart success with the catchy little number 'Two People' which exploded into the charts not so long ago. Now he puts his hand to Faith and sprinkles in some of his twisted grooves and funky house beats, showcasing Jokate's vocal whilst sliding a dark and nasty bassline under her harmonious tones. Rather large and one for the alternative floors.

Over on the flip Paul Crossman returns to the breaks army as General Midi, retaining the best elements of the original and emphasing the breakbeat element even further, placing a hard staccato bassline in the centre of the track and working and weaving Jokate's vocal around and in and out of the beats, and sprinkling some tough beats on top just for good measure. Whether its Union in Leeds, Bits and Bobs in Exeter or Loop in Bristol, you can guarantee when this mix gets throughly hammered through the soundsystems at those venues then there is going to be some serious carnage.

With a further single to come in the future and the release of the eagerly anticipated 'Firstfloor' just around the corner, Starecase look set to make a jump into the wider musical interest with both feet firmly on the ground.

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